About Me

Anisa Stedmire

I am the owner and sole proprietor of MTOS. I started this business from my over 30 years' experience across diverse industries; also holding a degree in Business. My backstory is a unique one but my genuine desire to help and be of service led me here. I provide a service that is greatly needed and is very cost effective.

My experience has included monitoring media conferences, prepare and proofread speeches and coordinate events for clients. I have construction skills that included receiving bids, type proposals, read plans, order insurance and preliens. Excellent liaison between staff, schedule monthly meetings, customer service and project management. Handle billing using QuickBooks Pro, prepare monthly, daily and quarterly reports as well as reconciliation. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills and responsible as well as respected for an abundance of confidential information.

Free Consultation

If you are unsure what or how a VA can help you, I offer a free consultation. Contact me so we can discuss your needs and decide how best I can help.

It's not a matter of "IF" you need a VA, it's "WHEN"...